Project Ugly Rental Kitchen: the before


So here we go. I'm going to show you my ugly rental kitchen. And then this year I'm going to make it pretty. Well, less ugly. ;) And I stress RENTAL kitchen because I'd hate for anyone to think I gave my kitchen these "features" on purpose. ;) As part of my "sparkle where you're planted" motto and rule-to-live-by, I always work to make the most out of wherever I am. I love my current

Bedroom gallery wall: The beginning


I'm finally doing it...FINALLY making a gallery wall! This one is in my bedroom, and it's turning out to have a very whimsical flair: Obviously, it's not done yet, hahaha. I used a bunch of older bits of art that I've had for years, plus a few more special pieces... This kitty-in-the-sky print I bought at DragonCon years ago because as soon as I saw it, something about it made me

Pinterest pick me up


I love Pinterest, but I try not to go there every day because, well, I tend to lose time when I do. Heh. If you're a pinner too, I'm sure you understand. But sometimes I pop in to find something "I just know I pinned..." and end up lost in my own pinboards, happily rediscovering all the goodies there. Because normally, I tend to "pin & go." Scroll through images, pin the ones that really

Friday Favs: Black & gold

Not only do a I choose a word for the new year, I choose colors. I do it more for fun than for any significant reason, and this year is really going to be fun as my main colors are black & gold. Secondary colors are white & gray & taupe/sand. I went through a pink & orange phase a few years ago (thank you, gorgeous pink/orange/purple striped Ikea duvet cover that started it all),

Hello 2014.


New Year's Day was very gray and rainy. But I loved it. It was perfect weather for sitting down with some paper & pen & sketching out what I want 2014 to be, and to mean, to me. Did I make resolutions? Nope.  I made plans. I've stopped doing "resolutions" since they tend to be ignored/forgotten quickly. A "resolution" also implies a hard-and-fast change, something THAT MUST HAPPEN.

New Year’s Eve free wallpaper & printable


I've FINALLY started a blog for the printables side of my business over at I'm going to be offering periodic freebies there; I've offered periodic freebies on all my various blog incarnations for years, but since I cannot for the life of me decide on a site & keep it in one place, all the freebies have scattered to the winds. Yet here I go again, blogging again (here

Accidental flower whisperer


So several months ago, I bought two celosias. They were slightly scraggly, but I repotted them into one large pot & hoped for the best. They didn't do very well...and one of them died. So I said well, ok, they didn't look totally healthy when I bought them, and perhaps I'm not that good at growing celosias. I'll replace them with something else. And then... Little celosias started

Grand garden dreams


So, what does a gal do when she wants this... (Susan Branch's CA garden, details here) Which is similar to this, which I've wanted since I saw it in theaters... (The garden from Practical Magic, image from this post that has LOTS of shots from the movie) And this... (Darling Vanessa's garden. Well, a teensy tiny snippet of it. Her garden is huge, rambling, and gorgeous...this pic came

If you look in the right place, you find what you seek


So a year or so ago I started reading a bunch of fashion blogs as a way to keep up with color trends for my graphic & web design projects. I was only mildly interested in the fashion itself, although I did become enamoured of some of the jewelry trends. As someone who was into hair bands in the late 80s/early 90s, then into swing dancing, and then briefly into a gothic phase, you could say