Can we talk about how awesome this TV tray is?


I can’t believe I wrote that title. I just called a TV tray “awesome.” A TV tray. Those forever-useful yet forever-ugly home accessories that always seem to come in handy although they’re often so ugly that you have to DIY them into submission. But not this one! Look! It’s from CB2. It’s gold. And modern. […]

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Hi there, cute rain sandals


1. Michael Kors Kayden Jelly 2. Kate Spade New York Fab 3. Michael Kors MK Plate Jelly 4. Cole Haan Miley Jelly 5. Rebecca Minkoff Petra I live in Florida, and in Florida, summer = thunderstorms. Lots of thunderstorms. Almost daily thunderstorms. They usually creep up with lots of dark clouds & ominous thunder, then […]

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A fitness color kick


As I mentioned in this post, I’m back on the fitness bandwagon (and am sore & tired today, a state I expect to be in for months). I suppose it’s because fitness is back on my radar—and I’m reading fitness mags again—but I’ve suddenly developed a raging case of I WANT ALL THE NEON FITNESS […]

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A nice touch: Amazon Smile program


Today as I popped into Amazon to look up something, I was given an interesting popup that announced the Amazon Smile program, which donates a percentage of eligible purchases to a charity you choose. Oh? Tell me more! I clicked, and saw this: The hardest part was deciding on the charity, but Wounded Warrior won […]

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Memorial Day outfit planning


Ok, it’s time. Time for me to make over my wardrobe. It needs it, seriously…it’s in a bad state. I blame it all on working at home, by myself…I’ve just not cared much in the past three years, hahaha. But now I’m tired of not having a closet full of cute stuff I want to […]

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Why hello there!


The blog lives. Barely, but it lives. ;) For the millionth time, here I am saying I’m going to get this space in shape & blog like a blogger. As in, actually blogging. Regularly. Let’s see how this goes… At least I’ve got a lot of ideas for posts, and that counts, right? It’s a […]

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Friday Favs: Black & gold

Not only do a I choose a word for the new year, I choose colors. I do it more for fun than for any significant reason, and this year is really going to be fun as my main colors are black & gold. Secondary colors are white & gray & taupe/sand. I went through a […]

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Hello 2014.


New Year’s Day was very gray and rainy. But I loved it. It was perfect weather for sitting down with some paper & pen & sketching out what I want 2014 to be, and to mean, to me. Did I make resolutions? Nope.  I made plans. I’ve stopped doing “resolutions” since they tend to be […]

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In praise of cheesy holiday movies!


So it’s only the early days of November, but I’m already so much in the Christmas mood this year that I’m happy to see Christmas paper towels at the store, Christmas-scented candle displays, Christmas ads on TV, all the Christmas promos at my favorite stores (not to mention Starbucks holiday flavors!)…and… Cheesy holiday movies! Oh […]

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